Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Truth About Cancer

In ancient times cancer was blamed on the gods. Today we're quite sure it's no fault of any God, but we still don't know exactly how a healthy cell can become cancerous, and why.

Theory: cancer is caused by our genes

Cancer cells have gene mutations and will unceasingly continue to replicate unless we kill the malignant cells by an agent toxic to the cancer cell (chemo therapy, radiation, immunotherapy, targeted therapy).

Theory: cancer is a metabolic disease

Can cancer metabolism be targeted to stop cancer proliferation?

According to San-Millán and Brooks GA "Lactate is probably the only metabolic compound involved and necessary in all main sequela for carcinogenesis, specifically: angiogenesis, immune escape, cell migration, metastasis and self-sufficient metabolism. We hypothesize that lactagenesis for carcinogenesis is the explanation and purpose of the Warburg Effect. Accordingly, therapies to limit lactate exchange and signaling within and among cancer cells should be priorities for discovery".

Theory: cancer is an evolutionary throwback

Cancer tumors are able to survive with very little oxygen, this supports the idea that cancer emerged when the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere was extremely low, when life first appeared on our planet.

Suggested treatments:
  • Increase oxygen in the body
  • Focus on immune system, help trigger the patient's own immune system cells to attack cancer

Theory of cancer stem cells (CSC)

Theory: Cancer is a wound that does not heal

Chronic irritation theory

Is there a magic bullet, a cure-all, heal-all for cancer?

Truth is, there's isn't. Cancer is many diseases, and cancer mutates and can become resistant to treatments, just like bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. 

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